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Healthy Empire Lean Muscle Performance Bundle 3 x 500g

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Coffee, Performance & Greentastic

Training harder? Looking to push yourself further?

This bundle is your ultimate workout partner.

All these smoothies contain the amino acid profiles and protein source necessary to feed your muscles with premium nutrients for optimal output.

Complete with our How to Use Guide, you’re able to design your training program in conjunction with the smoothies for Pre, Post or During your workouts.

The Coffee Lover Smoothie Mix is so delicious and satisfying you won’t want to hit snooze. It has everything you need for a complete breakfast, including whole grains, fruit, and protein for precision and stamina.

Performance Boost smoothie is the athlete’s base, designed as a breakfast or pre workout Infusion of fuel or your post workout recovery. A 100% plant-based smoothie to power your performance and training demands. Give yourself an award-winning edge, every day, with the multiplicity of benefits crammed into this mix. A balanced smoothie with the right slow-release wholegrains for fuel, to support your schedule and performance. Loaded with powerful plant compounds, anti-inflammatory agents, and antioxidants, improving cognitive attention, decision making, and working memory. The right protein for muscle mass and recovery, and the fibre and carbohydrates that won’t cause gastrointestinal upset.

The Greentastic Smoothie is a rich blend of Japanese green tea matcha, Brazilian superfruit Maca formulated with a blend of hypo-allergenic rice protein powder for a greentastic start to your day!

Filled with antioxidants to boost metabolism, burn calories, and improve libido and hormonal function, this smoothie is designed for both pre and post workout. The powerful green blend is our secret to muscle repair and growth while building strength within the body.

Boosts metabolism ✓
Improves performance ✓
Improves inflammation ✓
Assists in bowel function ✓
Improves gut function ✓
Antioxidant hit for skin and long lasting health ✓
Perfectly balanced protein, fats and carbohydrates ✓
Protein necessary for tissue building & repair ✓
100% natural with NO artificial flavours ✓
NO artificial sweeteners ✓
Naturally sweetneed ✓
Easily digestible and non-bloating ✓
Helps you stay fuller for longer ✓
Helps curb cravings ✓
Low in saturated fat ✓
Vegetarian and Vegan friendly ✓
Naturally free from dairy, soy and gluten ✓

How to use the bundle:
Morning Go To - Breakfast Base
Before or After your workout
3pm Pick Me Up
Ice Cream - Greentastic
Greentastic Balls