Healthy Empire

Vicky Gomez

Dietician & Nutritionist | Entrepreneur | Speaker & Presenter

Healthy Empire by Vicky G

Vicky's has an outstanding reputation built over time amongst medical practitioners and health and wellness organisations nationally, with  qualifications in Nutrition and Dietetics, Vicky Gomez has a practical approach to health and recognises the humanity and social nature in her clients.

In an over-saturated, misinformed industry that tends to generate a series of ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions embedded in restriction, Vicky removes the ‘sacrifice’ from choosing to lead a healthy life.

Client meal plans are made-to-fit the individuals unique lifestyle, circumstances and objectives. Vicky takes a personal investment into understanding what the clients week looks like to better implement a system designed for longevity and sustainability. Furthermore, removing the room for perceived failure.

Entrepreneur |  Founder Healthy Empire

Vicky is an entrepreneur with a passion for food, good food and creating amazing recipes that compliment her philosophies. Vicky is vivacious, and dynamic, she lives by her values and in turn engages and motivates tjhose around her. The Healthy Empire Range has been created and developed by Vicky right here in Melbourne, Victoria. The Performance Boost product was launched in 2022, a collaboration with former AFL footballer, Ryan O'Keefe. 


Presenter | Speaker | Educator 

Vicky provides Personal Development presentations for Government, Corporate Schools & Gyms and more specifically a focus in sports nutrition working with a  range of athletes, an educator in all things Health & Wellness. 

Vicky takes her work one step further than most as her own goals include participating in a healthy, happy and empowered society. She does this through being practical, accessible, and personable.