A client story...

A client story...

I asked my client to share her story this week...   she says she's an "average Jo" and in most cases represents many women her age.  I love being a part of my clients journey as they gain momentum, confidence, experience, successes and ultimately, begin to discover so much more about themselves... Here's "Jo's" story... 

"Botox and triptan's for Migraine management, the addition of blood pressure tablets, HRT for menopause, Mylanta at night for the bloat and reflux, and at least 10 KG overweight!  That's what I was facing".

That was me January last year!

I was turning 50 in March, and this ageing business was getting real. I felt crap and knew I had to visit the doctor for 'that' check-up. 

My Doc says,  "You have until March to change your diet and lose some weight, get your BMI to 25%, or you go on blood pressure tablets long term....It's that simple, make some changes it's your choice..."  It was a little brutal.

ENTER ... Vicky Gomez. initially we talked about me, my lifestyle, family, exercise, food and more.  And so it began, small changes without sacrifice, keep your coffee, replace your milk to Almond or Oat. Stop skipping meals, don't feel hungry.

Have a smoothie for breakfast, eat a whole punnet of berries for morning tea, load up for lunch with this instead of that and so much more! it was about all I could eat and have not what I shouldn't. We kicked the wheat, and we ditched the dairy... and we made Brekky balls to boot the binge. 

I took home the Awaken smoothie... reluctantly...  never a fan of protein shakes and smoothies... I had been down the diet rodeo many a times. I would start on Monday and fail on Wednesday..

Now I can't live without a smoothie in the morning to start my day and often have a Coffee Lover Frappe at 3pm.  So, by my 50th in the March, I had reached my first milestone. 
  • Off the Blood Pressure Tablets 
  • Lost the Bloat and inflammation 
  • Reduced Migraine attacks
  • Mylanta no longer needed 
  • Reduced BMI  from 35% - 28%. 
  • Lost 7 Kilos

I was feeling fabulous, my skin was glowing, I bought a new dress, and I was ready for 50! 
The story doesn't stop there.. because it's a long journey, whereby change takes time, and i was thrilled to have never gained weight and actually maintained between many dinners, parties and events.  I mastered how to maintain weight in everyday life and months went by, we travelled we wined and dined, and I didn't gain weight.

Understanding the hidden kilos was the next stage ... my goals changed, a healthy addiction kicked in ... Vicky stepped it up a notch, Nike Run challenge (except I walk).  Shopping with Vicky, epiphanies in every aisle.

A new motivation and determination had surfaced, not like our first meeting, that was necessary to stop significant health issues in their tracks... this is something else, that younger voice that got lost on vacation some many years back. A confidence and commitment to myself, to take my time and enjoy family, and lifestyle and exercise and love food and feel great about it.  A few more kilos down...and a few more to go.

Bring it on, January marks my 12-month anniversary since my first date with Vicky! 
I am happier, healthier, stronger, fitter and more social than ever! Life is good and better when you're healthier. 


PS. If this resonates with you, don't wait, make time for a consult with Vicky here 
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Vicky X 

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