5 Key Nutrition Tips you need for better health today!

5 Key Nutrition Tips you need for better health today!

Keto, no carb, no fruit? Confused as to what to do? 
Eating a range of all food macronutrients is important. Protein, carbs, good fats, vitamins and minerals through fruits and veg all play an important role in our health and when it comes to weight loss people often slash the carbs or something else.

Longevity is key and protecting muscle is essential so you dont want to be cutting these key things out of your diet. Learn to achieve weight loss the right way.   

The real foods to eliminate in your diet are the processed ones. Limiting highly processed and high-fat foods, sugary drinks, and snacks are the real foods that need to go. There are so many alternatives to replace these foods that connect health and taste. It’s amazing what you can find and make. 

Chasing balance of calories and physical activity? A good approach is to think of exercise as a bonus, aiming to introduce some activity every day rather than weighing up what you can eat more because of exercise.

The motivation behind water? So many reasons, improves performance, prevents misinterpreting thirst for hunger, looking for food hydration and not water hydration. Get more water in your day it will make a huge difference to your glow.

Is reading labels that important? Not to begin with? It’s so complex and confusing. In the beginning I recommend entirely focussing on 3 things, using labels to understand serving sizes, using ingredients listing and avoiding sugar in the first 3 ingredients and focussing on low GI carbohydrates that include grains and seeds.

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