8 Easy Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

8 Easy Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

With so many people away here are 8 easy tips for healthy holiday eating

1. Eat Wisely

Remind yourself how great you want to feel when on holidays. Being on holidays means feeling fabulous, rested, and super energetic, after all there is so much to see and do. Stick to routine, start your day with your smoothie or egg omelette and be set. 

2. Portion control

Eat more to eat less of the right foods. Filling up on more of the right foods will help keep your portions in control and not go A wall.. the sight of certain holiday cultural foods may be tempting so remember to spread it out over the period you are away.   Volume eat more side vegetable dishes  and salads with fabulous flavours. 

 3. Fill up on fibre rich foods

These help satisfy your hunger and are lower in calories. Go past a local grocer pick up some fresh fruit for morning tea snack and veggie sticks with salsa dip, humus or tzatziki to help you get to your dinner meal. Stick to wholegrains and avoid the processed white carbohydrate, empty calories you would rather invest elsewhere. Your tummy will love you for it! 

 4. Don’t skip meals

When you skip a meal earlier in the day, you are more likely to overeat at dinner. Plan your snacks when away, take some non-perishable items for home just in case. I recommend some  wholegrain cereal bars, roasted chickpea nuts and many actually take protein balls on their travels. 

 5. Reflect on your favourite holiday foods

Make sure to incorporate them into your holiday. When in France enjoy your baguette and when in Italy enjoy pizza. Plan it in your week, this will lead to control and enjoyment and add to your holiday experience. 

6. Don't deprive yourself of every treat

Enjoy a sweet treat when you want to have it, while also choosing healthier snacks, is a great way to have balance and not fill up on empty calories. A good sweet treat to plan for is,  sorbet or gelato or perhaps you prefer an alcoholic beverage, stick to your plus..  

7. Incorporate vegetables

Keep a bag of fruit and veggies for morning tea or a snack before dinner.. Maybe a little yogurt or hummus to enjoy with your veggie sticks for a snack. Adding a salad and vegetable daily with every meal is a great idea and will help tick every box, that is, eat wise, portion control, more fibre and keep you eating snacks.

8. Maintain an exercise routine

Aim for 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity each day to help you feel healthier during your holiday, start your day with a brisk walk try not keep this habit. Choose the stairs over the escalators, walk everywhere possible and see more.

Simple Non Negotiable Must dos: 

  • Choose unsweetened flavoured beverages, sparkling mineral water and hydrate with water.
  • Choose more white meat dishes without the skin as they are lower in fat than dark meat.
  • Limit gravies and cream sauces. Use mustards, chutneys, pickles and wine jus to add flavour. Ask for no dairy. 
  • Consider serving baked potatoes, steamed vegetables plain rather than as part of a rich casserole or covered with cream sauce. Experiment with spices to flavour vegetables. Ask for less oil no dairy. 
  • Remove the butter, cream and mayonnaises from dishes. 
  • For dessert, share and be a taster. You get tot try more this way!!

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