Spring Kick Start Why and How?

Spring Kick Start Why and How?

Spring is when we feel motivated to change and rightly so, we want to feel less inflamed, less bloated and pretty damn good in our clothing and bikini.
We need change, we need new ideas, new tips and bit of a kick start to get our body feeling and losing weight for summer.

There are so many reasons you might fall off track with healthy habits like regular exercise, a consistent sleep schedule and cooking at home. The truth is, we cant be 100% diligent all the time and there are so many curve balls or dinner dates with girlfriends.

The key is to recognise the we slip into less-than-healthy territory and then take steps to move forward into the right direction.

That's where a Spring kickstart plan comes in: Use it to get your wellness goals and healthy behaviors back on track, one day and one small step at a time.

So this week we are sharing a week with me to start a Spring kickstart and get feeling good. Trust me it works!  

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4. DM for a more close and complete program.

Day 1: Forget Fad Diets big X
For starters, beware of any fad diets that eliminate entire food groups. Fad diets equal deprivation, and even though it may feel good to restrict, it will only be temporary and any form of restriction leads to bingeing.
Not enough calories and you will go into survival mode, slow down metabolism, use muscle as calories and sabotage any weight loss goals.

Day 2: Move More
Let's face it: Many of us are spending more time at home these days, which isn't ideal for promoting physical activity.

"Moving throughout the day can help elevate your mood, increase focus and, if weight loss is your goal, it's key to keeping up your energy expenditure," Galloway explains.

Day 3: Make Meal shopping a Priority

In order to have any prepping of meals or availability of meal in place. We need a shopping plan.

Planing and prep your meals in advance to avoid making unhealthy choices when hunger comes in is the number x 1 priority.

1. Plan out your meal prep
2. Schedule a shop day in your calendar and stick to it
3. Look at tasks you can do in advance, bulk buying and storing foods
4. Check our trolley must haves.


Day 4: Keep It Simple

Whether you are short of time or just cooking flat, merging food, paring basics or cooking basics is the best way to manage this. Check out this simple spinach risotto recipe you will die for!
Or keep some key simple staples that you can merge together, the prawn dumplings with some frozen veg. Build your plate with 50% vegetable and salad produce, 25% protein and 25% complex carb such as black rice, sweet potato or some quinoa grain.

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