Behind the Collaboration: Ryan O’Keefe and Vicky Gomez

Behind the Collaboration: Ryan O’Keefe and Vicky Gomez

When I first met Ryan O'Keefe, it was like "hearing myself speak". Like-minded, passionate and enthusiastic about developing something that would change someone's performance outcomes whilst making a massive difference to their health.

And when it comes to creating a new product, especially one that is totally new, honesty and willingness are pivotal when it comes to collaboration. Our partnership has involved continuous discussions, sound-boarding all the ideas (no matter how crazy or impossible) and working towards the one goal.

The foundation was based on the idea of having a core product that people could rely on daily, build on and see real results, ultimately enhancing one's performance and lifestyle.

From my first conversations with Ryan, a few key phrases stuck; lasting energy, antioxidants to flood through airways and overcoming mental challenges. And as athletes following a precise exercise regimen, we knew that this product was needed to support someone who trained every single day, not a one-off or one-time fix.

The end result was PERFORMANCE BOOST. Our complete plant-based and organic smoothie mix is designed for the athlete in all of us with the intention to supply the proper nutrition. Science, taste and results-engineered, this unique and one-of-a-kind product has been developed using quality ingredients that make a real difference.

Results from Performance Boost genuinely surprise people. It provides a feeling of a complete sense of better; no other phrase can describe it.

Warning: Consuming this smoothie mix may result in curiosity taking over and have you questioning if the feeling is real or not. Trust us, it's real and 100% good for you.


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