It's not easy being green... until now!!

It's not easy being green... until now!!

Greens get plenty of media hype… and quite rightly so. There are so many benefits we gain from our GREENS ! 

When creating the Greentastic smoothie blend there were some very important ingredients kept in mind... namely,  Green tea Matcha, Maca,  Pistachio, Dates, Apple powder, Protein and Oats, this one mix gives you all this and more! 

Greens are regarded as the most nutrient dense foods in the world, and so offer a solution to keep your body healthy and ward off disease. Not only does this smoothie provide you with a source of antioxidants but also a host of nutritional elements. 

In fact, Matcha contains about three times more antioxidants than high quality regular green tea and more antioxidants than coffee?  It's the queen of antioxidants!!!!!

AND...  improved ageing and cancer fighting! 

So this green smoothie packs a real nutritional punch. GREENTASTIC is for: 

  • Strength 
  • Libido. (oh la la) 
  • Muscle

So if anytime is the time to stock up on your Healthy Empire Goods it's now!! 

Our popular Greentastic Smoothie mix is 50% OFF with any purchase of another product from the Healthy Empire Website.

Add your order top the cart, use the Code '50OFF' at the checkout and use your savings for enjoy the weekend. 

Vicky x 

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