Signs You Need a Rest Day

Signs You Need a Rest Day

Coming off a nice little break, literally a brake of a leg, a relax and rejuvenate together with my daughter was what I needed. realising that tiredness and pushing the boundaries can sometimes trigger damage distress and accidents 😬🙊

So now feeling great, revived and rejuvenated and ready for the 2023 ahead.
So, rest, why and when?!!!

When your body needs a rest day, it shouts out. It has to. Rest gives your body the time it needs to repair, heal and grow back stronger. Without them (or enough of them) you interrupt your body's natural functions. Everything suffers. I’m certainly guilty of not enough of this so here’s to a New Year’s resolution, more rest.

So, how do you know if your body is craving a break? Watch out for these seven signs you need a rest day.

1. You're Really sore and tired.
Why? Because extreme soreness and tiredness, is a result of inflammation and tissue damage — your body needs time to clear and repair. Also, working out and working around the clock, when you're super sore and tired, can increase your risk of injury big time.

2. Your Mood Is Off
Exercise and sleep are effective mood-booster. But skip one too many rest days and not enough sleep, and you'll likely experience the reverse. Not gonna be pleasant for you or your loved ones!

If you are hitting it hard and too much, exercise, work and no rest, an increase your body's levels of stress hormones including cortisol and epinephrine. This can lead to a hormonal imbalance and cause mood swings and irritability.

And if your head isn't in the game, all else suffers!

3. You're Not Sleeping enough or well
A surplus of stress hormones doesn't just mess with your mood. It can also keep your body keyed up and cause sleep problems.

And it's a vicious cycle. Sleep deprivation impairs your workout recovery, your concentration,weight, libido, hormones, appetite, brain fog, skin, bones and muscles won’t reviver, do I go on?????
You've heard it time and time again: get more sleep… maybe another New Year’s resolution!!!!!!
Pushing it and further upping your body's levels of inflammation and leading to even worse sleep and workouts.

4. You Dread Your Workouts
No one feels psyched for every single workout. But if your motivation is down in the pits, you may need to take it as a sign to rest!

If your head isn't in the right place, try taking a rest day or active recovery day. Go for a short walk, stretch your muscles or straight-up lounge for a day. Do what feels good to both your body and mind.

5. Your Workouts and workload Feel Harder Than Usual
If your easy runs suddenly feel like marathon and your dreading your work load

A rest day can help you recharge, gain energy and perform your next workout to the best of your ability, I say!!!

When it comes to rest relax we don’t always associate improving your nutrition. The real of it is that nutrition through vitamins mineral foods Rick in antioxidant leads to better better health

That included improving anxiety, mood and cognitive health.

So make everything you eat worth while, every bit or sip a worth while injection of nutrition

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