Rice Paper Rolls

Rice Paper Rolls


  • Butter lettuce or shredded lettuce Red cabbage (or green cabbage) or ready to go Kaleslaw shredded Carrot julienne sliced Cucumber julienne sliced Chili (skip if you’re very sensitive to spice).
  • Green onion, coriander or mint Tofu, chicken, prawn (cut finger thickness and 4cm length) lightly grilled with sweet chilli and soy sauce a touch of oil to avoid sticking to your pan
  • Avocado sliced finely add a touch to each roll Rice paper

You’ll need basic pantry ingredients to create a sauce.
Hoisin, rice wine vinegar, tamari or soy sauce, sweet chilli and some toasted sesame seeds. Mix and add a touch to every roll


Make the base 
Start by placing a few pieces of lettuce and cabbage at the bottom of the circular wrapper. Leave some space on the sides to wrap your roll.

Pile on the Ingredients 
Then, add the remaining ingredients. It doesn’t matter how or what order… Just pile them on top, making sure to take up the proper width.

Roll the filling 
Gently pull the bottom of the wrapper up and over the lower portion of the filling. Try to keep the fillings compact as you roll upwards, just until the fillings are enveloped. Envelope the sides and roll it up Pull each side over to enclose the filling. Continue wrapping upward until your spring roll is fully wrapped! 

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